The ILAC Center



The ILAC Center's exterior. We use the big van in our travels.


The Church of St. Omer is the focal point of the Center.


The church's interior. Sunday night Masses are special, with beautiful Dominican music.


The grounds behind the church are irresistible on a nice day.  There are areas for reading and reflection, a 1/3-mile track, and a basketball court tucked away back here.


A view of the courtyard & the students' dorm.  The students promise to let me take a picture of the rooms if they ever clean them up!


The entire Center is connected with breezeways like this.  A necessity during the rains!  Students enjoy gathering in these area to read & chat.


There are study areas like this on either side of the church.  This is also a great place to hold class, I have found.


Did I mention a track? Where else can one go running amidst flowers and banana trees?


The professor's quarters are spacious, and overlook the courtyard. There are rockers on the balcony.


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