Various Hardware


The hub sits in the corner of the room next to Computer #1's desk.  It took me a couple of days to find it.  It networks several of the machines for the Internet, although few can now get online.  I don't know what the other devices are for.

I'm no expert, so I have no idea of what these boxes below are for.

The power outlets get a bit scary.

I'm having some trouble sorting out devices because the wires are such a tangle.  Many, in the end, are connected to nothing.

There is a switchbox, which I assume was once used for the printer.  It is color-coded, and there are corresponding machines.  But at the moment, only one computer (#3) talks to the printer with any reliability -- and it isn't one of the color-coded machines.

The most reliable piece of hardware in the whole lab is the trusty HP LaserJet 4.  I have heard of no problems with it since my arrival two weeks ago.  The HP DeskJet 930C is here, but I won't install it until everything else is worked out.

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