Sand Island

Every now and then, the Semestre Dominicano students get to take a trip that's just plain fun. One of our first "fun trips" was to the northern coast and Sand Island. Just east of Punta Rucia, a small beach popular among Dominicans, we stumbled upon a national park which is home to some 15 manatees. As it turned out, even on a boat to their feeding grounds we never saw any, but it was a great camping spot. The rangers were more than hospitable, and we had fun building a campfire on the beach and making s'mores. A new taste treat for the rangers!

Saturday morning we caught a boat for Sand Island. We were told to bring lots of sunscreen. But what was this island that no one could find on a map? We set out.

During the 45-minute voyage we passed a large stretch of uninhabited, untouched coast. Its pristine beauty recalled the descriptions that Columbus wrote in his journal upon first seeing Hispaniola.

Finally, we saw a little spit of land. With a kiosko on it? It was Sand Island! It's smaller than a football field, but great sand and lovely water.

Lucky us -- we were the first ones there. We had the place all to ourselves for about an hour. Then the others began to arrive by the boatload.

Sand Island is surrounded by coral. We went snorkeling, and saw all sorts of beautiful fish one normally only sees in a tropical fish tank. My digital camera isn't waterproof, so this is an artist's rendition.

Beach + college students = horseplay. Adam torments Tara.

Others sculpt a mermaid in the sand. Rosie proves she was its model. The German tourists were so impressed that they took pictures!

Still others bury Mike in the sand. Despite our best efforts, he got out.

Kelly & Jesse, February's official Crush of the Month.

Seth & Jon Holly & Mike

Semestre Dominicano's Bathing Beauties.

Tara's revenge. Say uncle, Adam!

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